Clinere Earwax Removal Kit, .5oz Carbamide Peroxide, 4 Count

The Clinere® Carbamide Peroxide Earwax Removal Kit is a simple method for loosening earwax with the carbamide peroxide drops, and then using Clinere® Ear Cleaners to help clear away the softened wax. The Clinere® Carbamide Peroxide Earwax Removal Kit works by softening and loosening earwax. When drops are placed in the ear, the carbamide peroxide will release oxygen, which will begin to foam, breaking down the earwax. Once broken down, earwax can be removed using the Clinere® Ear Cleaner tool: its flexible spoon end will help scoop away earwax and debris from the entrance area of the ear canal and outer surfaces of the ear, while its flexible finned end will allow to gently scrape, clean the ear, and relieve itch.

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