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Freebies Program

How our Freebies program works:

  • Our Freebies program is intended to reward our loyal customers as well as introduce you to some new and unique products.
  • When you sign up for the Freebies program you will receive a special FREE product in your shipment along with your other ordered items.
  • At checkout you will see a line added to your order which identifies a Freebie is on its way.
  • As a Freebies program member, every time you place an order you will get a Freebie.

Sign up for Freebies program:

  • Sign up for Freebies! Click here to get started.You can sign up for the Freebies program when you establish your account with
  • Click here to create your account and remember to look for the Freebies logo and choose Yes to sign up during the registration process.
  • If you are a new customer you can also sign up for Freebies at any time you place an order. Just look for the Freebies logo and check the sign up box during the account registration process.
  • If you are an existing customer, first log in and then sign up for Freebies on the Edit Account page.

Freebies Program Information:

  • As a Freebies program member you will also receive special offers and discounts for products at
  • We will not sell or share your private information and email address with anyone.
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