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Clinere® Ear Cleaners, 10ct For Clean Ears & Earwax Removal


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Quick Overview

For cleaner, happier ears.

Cotton swabs could never do what these do!

• Flexible scoop is far more effective at removing earwax than cotton swabs
• Use the fin for daily exfoliating and instant relief of itchy ears
• Cleans ears faster than liquid solutions, without the mess
• Patented design
• Made entirely in the U.S.A.
• 10 earwax cleaners

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For cleaner,
happier ears!

Product Info


Yes, there is a simple, quick, affordable solution to dealing with both earwax buildup and ear itch: Clinere® Ear Cleaners.

Inspired by physicians’ professional ear cleaning tools, our patented soft, flexible ear cleaning tools provide a gentle, effective way to remove unwanted earwax. Use the scooped end to spoon out earwax or ear debris. The scoop is great for removing wax, it works in narrower ears, and it comes with our worry free comfort stop guide. Use Clinere® Ear Cleaners every day as part of your morning or evening routine, and you’ll never need to deal with earwax buildup again.

Ear's the problem you're trying to solve.

Ear boogers. Alaskan Gold Rush. Ear potatoes. Whatever you call it, earwax occurs in the outer ear canal. It can be pushed inward and compacted by sound-muffling earplugs, ear buds, hearing aids, and, most of all, cotton swabs. This problem is compounded by the urge to dig the wax out with any number of ill-advised objects, including cotton swabs. You may have even tried liquid solutions and found them messy and time-consuming. Clinere® Ear Cleaners solve all these issues.

The feel-good solution you've been looking for.

With all the ear care options out there, you want to choose the safest, most effective tool available—one that isn’t messy, expensive, time consuming or potentially harmful. Scooping earwax out with Clinere® Ear Cleaners feels good because you can be sure that it’s safe (when used as directed), easy, quick and effective. You can also take care of any annoying ear itch with the exfoliating fin.

For an added feeling of comfort, dip Clinere® Ear Cleaners in warm water before use.

Note: Although this product has been designed to offer greater flexibility than the common cotton swab, directions and warnings must be observed.

Warnings: Do not enter the ear canal beyond the stop line indicated in the illustration on the package. People with sensitive ears should use caution. If you currently suffer from an existing ear condition, do not use this or any other similar product (use of this or any other like product may aggravate a present condition). Use alone to prevent injury through accidental bumping by others. Use only in a secure, safe, non-moving environment. Do not use in one’s nose. Not for use by children. If pain or discomfort results, discontinue use. Misuse of this product could cause serious injury, pain, infection or loss of hearing. Use only as directed. It is recommended by Clinere® that these ear cleaners be disposed of after each use to eliminate the chance of injury or infection due to poor or improper cleaning by the user. Keep out of the reach of children.

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